Top Ten Pound For Pound Boxers

With so many great fighters in the last 100 years it is not so easy to accurately pick the top ten in order. Most important when comparing boxers from different generations is their style of fighting, certain styles don’t work well together and a supposed superior fighter will lose 9 times out of ten because of their particular style. Its the reason Roberto Duran said No Mas to a Sugar Ray, and a big reason it took Marquez 4 times to land a big shot and beat Manny Pacquiao.

1.  Joe Louis

Record66-3, 52 KO

Years Active1934-1951

ChampionshipsWorld Heavyweight

“The Brown Bomber” Joe Louis’ reign as heavyweight champion is legendary. He held the title for 140 months and successfully defended it a record 25 times.

2.  Jack Dempsey

Official Record: 61-6-9, 34 KO

Newspaper Decisions: 4-0-2

Years Active: 1914-1927

Championships: World Heavyweight, NBA (later WBA) Heavyweight

In many ways, Jack Dempsey was heavyweight boxing in the late 1910s and early 1920s. He could hit you and hurt you with both hands and had crushing power.

“The Manassa Mauler” won the world title from Jess Willard in 1919 and held it until 1926 when he was defeated by Gene Tunney.

A knockout win over Jack Sharkey positioned him for a rematch with Tunney, which he also lost by decision.

3. Rocky Marciano

Record: 49-0, 43 KO

Years Active: 1948-1955

Championships: World Heavyweight

Rocky Marciano is one of the few fighters to retire from the sport without a loss. He is in fact the only heavyweight champion in history to accomplish this feat.

Marciano won the title from Jersey Joe Walcott in The Ring’s 1952 Fight of the Year. He would defend it six times, including wins over Walcott, Ezzard Charles (twice) and Archie Moore.

4. Muhammad Ali

Record: 56-5, 37 KO

Years Active: 1960-1981

Championships: WBA Heavyweight (4X), WBC Heavyweight (2X)

“The Greatest” is the best heavyweight of all time. Ali fought with a style and a flamboyance that made you either love him or hate him. But regardless of where you come down, nobody can deny his place in boxing history or as a cultural icon.


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