Erik Morales vs Marco Antonio Barrera Trilogy

The Barrera versus Morales trilogy is one of boxing’s most famous fight trilogies, involving two of Mexico’s most revered boxers, Marco Antonio Barrera (nicknamed “The Baby Faced Assassin”) and Erik “El Terrible” Morales.
Although they are friends now these two fighters hated each other enough to brawl at the press conference and carry on a war of words that included disgraceful slurs from both men.
After their first fight was over Morales came over to Barrera and tried to give him a medal as a gift, to which Barrera took insult and called Morales a peasant indian from Tijuana to which Erik responded “I’m not poor anymore” ,referencing Barrera’s jealousy over the contract Morales was given by HBO, “but you will always be a faggot”
Before their second bout things got so heated that Barrera punched Morales at the press conference inciting a brawl. Morales later on asked a reporter not to talk to him about Barrera and said “I don’t hate him, he’s just a mother fu***r”
Morales, after losing their 3rd fight, declined to shake Barrera’s hand and instead hit him with a water bottle.
The poor sportsman like  behavior was beyond insanity but it made for 3 amazing bouts.


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